OKAYMOTOR delivers engine management, cooling and exhaust system parts to middle and small-sized enterprises in north America and western Europe. The business is a sole proprietorship operating under entrepreneur Cunliang Hu. OKAYMOTOR office is located in Hangzhou China and has operated since January 2007. Our product line consists of thermostat housings, engine valve cover, intake manifolds, smog pumps, variable valve timing, EGR valve, throttle bodies, oil coolers, oxygen sensors, airflow sensors, ABS sensors, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, brake light switches, thermo switches, oil pressure switches and much more.

We recognize the busy life of SME enterprises, and they hope that the information of all kinds of auto parts will be presented to the door in a fast and complete way, so that they can search and verify. We will conveniently provide engine, cooling and exhaust system parts for time-critical SME owners. All of our parts all have one thing in common ¨Cwe wonĄŻt let them leave our facilities until they meet our strict quality standards. ThatĄŻs how we know that theyĄŻll meet your high standards. Our processes and procedures are designed to offer a quality component that will meet or exceed the expectations of every one of our customers. You can see an example of our manufacturing capabilities by visiting the OMP video center.

OKAYMOTOR total sales are increasing gladly. In order to achieve this goal, we back up that commitment with a 1 year/18,000 mile warranty on our products. That means you can have confidence in your vehicle's performance for years to come, and confidence in OKAYMOTOR for life.